W7809 Wisconsin Ave
Hortonville, WI 54944


Golden Retriever puppies usually available

Occasionally Retired Goldens available for adoption

  • Hunter/companion
  • Dark gold, red gold
  • Bred to AKC standards bred for great disposition
  • Bred for trainability
  • Bred for natural retriever

Training Grounds

Grounds open to individuals or small groups
Grounds maintained for basic – advanced concepts


Monday & Friday 8 to 6
Tuesday & Thursday 8am to 11am, 4pm to 6pm
Wednesday by appointment
Saturday 8 to Noon
Sunday 4pm to 6pm

Call 920.757.6646 to make reservations or for any questions.


$15.00 per day / we charge day in day out
10% discount for 10 or more days
Discounted monthly rates
Discount for multiple pets